Open World

A tile based side scrolling game where players try to build tools and collect materials in order to survive. The game is currently in development and only a small amount is implemented. Players will be able to farm a variety of crops, hunt wild animals, and fish to find food. Different tools allow the player to interact with objects in the world. There are enemy AI that spawn periodically and seek out the player.

Play it Here


A defend your cell game created using Flash Develop and the Flex library. This was the first game I created after graduation and I was aiming for a simple and creative game that I could have fun developing. The player defends their cell from waves of oncoming bacteria. Each wave there are new enemy types introduced and it becomes progressively harder. The player upgrades their cell at the end of every wave to combat the new enemies. Although most of the game play is complete, a great deal of the artwork is still placeholder.

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Flash Killer

My first attempt at making a flash game in ActionScript 3.0 using Flash Professional and Flash Builder. I created the game over the 2012 holiday break and was able to complete a fair amount. The player is able to navigate a scrolling world with interactable objects. AI is able to move on scripted paths and can be set on patrols.

Play it Here

w = up
s = down
a = left
d = right
Shift = sprint
Space = pick up item


A group project at Algonquin for Flash class that was very simple in design. The player falls down a flight of stairs and either gains or loses speed from hitting objects. The game is functionally complete, but the game play is rather dry.

Play it Here