A first person shooter created for my final project at Algonquin college. The game was developed with a group of eight of my classmates. Jeremy Smellie and I were the two programmers in the team and we were able to complete a large amount of what we set out to do. The game was written with an entity component framework that allowed us to create a wide variety of systems.

Commander Comendeer

This is a side scrolling 2D shooting game where the player fights through waves of enemies to destroy enemy-spawning portals.
Game features:
A collection of different weapons.
Particle emitters used for various effects.
4 player local co-op.
Fully functional grid style windows forms the level editor.
3 different difficulty levels to choose from.


Release Date: Oct. 20, 2011
Platform: Windows Phone 7

Created as one of my entries to the Mango App Challenge held by Microsoft Canada, Glowy is a simple mobile game with pleasing visual effects.

Coin Catcher

I made this game early in my first year of the Game Development Program. The goal was simple: I wanted to make a functional game that had clear objectives. It was my first try using perpixel collision rather then just using bounding rectangles. I made it following the Collision Series tutorials on AppHub. The player can move left and right with the arrow keys, trying to collect as many of the falling coins as they can.