Bowman 3D

This is a 3D game I created with a group of my classmates for our fourth semester final project. The game play was inspired by the popular flash game Bowman .

Players take turns shooting a variety of different types of arrows at each other. Players cannot walk around the game world, but, if they wish to change their position, they can switch to the warp arrow. The player will teleport to the location their warp arrow lands.
The game world is procedurally generated using Perlin noise to create a random texture:

Once the texture has been created, it is used in a custom content processor to read the texture's colour data and create a model mesh that is tagged with the height map information.
Normally, artists create height maps as gray-scale images, but, when creating a large scale terrain, the colour variety in gray-scale proved to limited for the amount of detail that was desired. Making the Perlin function produce a full RGBA colour allows for much finer detailing in the content processor, while the artists are still able to create less detailed levels in gray scale.

Dynamically creating the map ensures that each match you play is located in a different and challenging game world.